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PECHPROPRE forms part of the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic (the ‘OSPAR Convention’) and the Barcelona Convention for the protection of the Mediterranean. For each one, actions plans were adopted to combat marine litter.

In France, some of these actions would/could be implemented by a measurement program of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. PECHPROPRE allows us to obtain information for 3 measures:

  • M015-NAT1b: Reinforce waste prevention and strengthen optimized management based on a rationale of circular economy
  • M017-NAT1b: Improve prevention and waste management (ship-generated waste, solid waste retrieved by fishermen) in marinas, fishing and commercial ports
  • M018-NAT1b: Raise awareness amongst professional fishermen and encourage them to take action against marine litter

According to PLOS ONE journal (Dec.2014), there are an estimated 5 000 billion pieces of plastic in the world’s oceans. And it is considered that there will be 155 million tons of plastic in the oceans in 2025 (PLOS ONE -Fev. 2015).

Currently, the metropolitan French fishing sector counts 4 329 ships (Fleet Register – April 2017) that use different kinds of plastic: PA, PP, PE etc…and there is no accurate information about quantity.

But fishermen are sensitive to issues around marine litter because for them, marine pollution produces a negative impact: a decline in stocks, a reduction in the amount of fish and the time wasted when they have to sort fish from marine litter. These mean additional costs for their activities.

It is thanks to the maritime cooperative network, the Coopération Maritime, and through its subsidiary society CMCS, that this national project is able to run.


PECHPROPRE is also supported by the French Committee of Plastics in Agriculture (CPA) as experts in plastic and in the plastic waste treatment sector. A proportion of the survey for PECHPROPRE was subcontracted to SAFEGE Consulting regarding 40 ports.

The collaboration was drawn up with the aim of working with all territorial projects (cf. page « Partenaires et initiatives »).


PECHPROPRE will make a diagnosis about the current management of plastics used in fishing.

The goal is to:

  • Obtain national reports on the state of plastics used in the fishing sector
  • Present environmental issues and legal constraints as regards to waste treatment
  • Identify different types of fishing waste management
  • Assess the technical and economic feasibility to set up a national used plastics management system for fishing
  • Work with agents to establish the necessity for an appropriate management of fishing used plastics and propose a national plan for sustainable management

After this, PECHPROPRE would like to:

  • Realize a European benchmark (in 3 countries) about used plastics management system for fishing.
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The project runs for a period of 20 months in the Channel, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea with a survey in 67 fishing ports.

The implementation plan for the Project contains the following key milestones and dates:

Beginning of the project: September 2016

End of the project: April 2018

Progress report: June 2017

Final national report: November 2017

Final European benchmark report: April 2018